An authentic Mexican bundle that includes Dos Equis® Lager, Dos Equis® Lager Lime & Salt, Tecate® Original and Bohemia. Ideal for those seeking a variety of the best beer Mexico has to offer.


Dos Equis Especial Lager is a refreshing, crisp, golden, pilsner- style lager beer imported from Mexico. Flavorful yet light-tasting and smooth, Lager Especial is made with roasted malts, choice hops, a unique strain of yeast and purified water for a distinctively delicious taste.
Sight: Warm, deep golden color.
Sip: Complex notes of malt, spices and earthy.

Water, malted barley, corn starch and hop extract
Nutritional Facts*
4.2% ABV; Calories 131; Carbohydrates 11g; Fat 0g; Protein 1g
* Serving size 12 fl. oz; Servings per container: 1


Originated in 1944 at the brewery town of Tecate, Baja California, Mexico. Tecate Original was their first signature beer. A well-balanced, lager beer with a malt crisp flavor, low to medium bitterness that finishes clean.
Sight: Golden color.
Sip: Herbal flavors, malty notes, use of refined citrusy / bittering hops account for great aromatic lift.

Water, malted barley, corn starch and hops
Nutritional Facts*
4.5% ABV; Calories 142; Carbohydrates 14g; Fat 0g; Protein 1g
* Serving size 12 fl. oz; Servings per container: 1

Dos Equis Lime & Salt

Dos Equis Lager has long been consumed with lime and salt. That’s why we’re bringing the ritual of adding lime and salt into a can so you don’t have to.
Low bitterness, crisp, low-med body. Lime and salt are present but not overpowering. 4.2% ABV make this light & smooth to drink.

Malted Barley, Corn Starch, Hops, Citric Acid, Salt, Lime Flavor
Nutritional Facts*
4.2% ABV; Calories 135; Carbs 12G; Fat 0G
* Serving size 12 fl. oz; Servings per container: 1

Bohemia Pilsner

Bright and golden, this is the queen of the Bohemia line. It’s a robust Pilsner style beer that has been created using only the highest quality ingredients from around the world and a fine selection of hops that are sourced from the Czech Republic. The hops provide a strong, bitter taste as well as an irresistible herbal aroma. Its full body is so complex that it can be compared to a fine wine.

Water, Malted Barley, Corn Starch and Hops
Nutritional Facts*
4.7%ABV; Calories 150 ; Carbs 13G; Fat 0G
* Serving size 12 fl. oz; Servings per container: 1

Cocktail Recipes


How Dos Equis is made.

Dos Equis Lager Especial

A golden pilsner-style beer made from pure spring water and the choicest hops.

Dos Equis Ambar Especial

A classic Vienna-style lager with a full body and a smooth finish.

Dos Equis Lager
Lime & Salt

It’s the Dos Equis Lager beer you love with a refreshing touch of lime and salt.

Cervezas De Mexico

The Newest Variety Pack

Dos Equis Ranch Water/Classic

Dos Equis Ranch Water is a hard seltzer with country soul.

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